What is it?

A pair of techwear shorts has been somewhat life saving in recent years. Global temperatures has been rising and thus shorts are worn for a longer period throughout the year.

How does it serve me?

A good pair of techwear shorts usually comes with multiple pockets, hidden or non-hidden. It normally is water repellent or at least synthetically made. Waist part would either be elastic or with traditional belt loop for belt insert. Bonus would be stretchable fabric build for ease of movement.

What is the benefit?


YOU NEED MULTIPLE POCKETS for you masks, hand sanitizers, keys, wallet, and your phone, and more stuff (depends on your daily essentials). The water-repellent-feature allows you to keep your items (mainly mask) dry. Shorts, of course, keeps you ventilated as it ever has been. A lot of benefits a normal shorts couldn’t do really.

What is the downside?

Riot Division 2 pocket shorts SS20 Details

Generally more understandably expensive than normal shorts, some non-hidden pockets might make your thigh look bulky. Beware of its weight after inserting all items. Preferably tighten up the waist part (elastic band within, belt within, extra belt) to keep the pants up high for a better outfit and mobility.

Items to choose from:




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