What is it?

  source: https://austrialpin.net/

The Cobra Buckle is seen within the techwear scene only in the recent few years. However it’s been in the market for a long time. The Cobra Buckle is simplistic with one end with a prong, which inserts into the another end and “clicks” to lock. To unlock, press the 2 release tabs (usually in gold) and the buckle opens.

How does it serve me?

It is the strongest buckle one can find. The company Austrialpin manufactures and sell them. CNC machined, assembled, inspected, and packed (re: from alpha to omega) in our ISO quality assurance acredited facility. It’s also professionally tested and certified under CE, EN, CSA, ANSI, and NFPA standards for fall-protection and personal safety.

What is the benefit?

Looks really good with almost all techwear outfit, always gives a finishing touch to the look. Practicality wise you literally can use it almost anytime and anywhere, be it mount Everest or your office’s meeting room (becareful how you style them though!) They are just THAT reliable.

What is the downside?

Always come a little larger in terms of buckle size and thicker in terms of belt thickness. Is a little heavier than a regular belt too, might not fit your regular belt loops. Cobra Buckle comes in different sizes so beware when you make your purchase (usually 20 to 45mm, or 3/4 to 1.75 inch)

Items to choose from:

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