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Nightfall, endless rain, red sky and chaos are what’s left in this town.
I darken my clothes, close my face and seek for the highest places.
Do not let the shadow touch you, it will drag you into the dark.
Do not stare to the hidden eyes, it will stone you to death.

I am running alone in this town, wearing this outer shell I call ARES for 200 days straight. It’s been raining all days, but it won’t stop me.

Techwear jacket from Kin Supplies. The jacket features a total of 7 pockets, enough to carry extra supplies to help me survive the day without carrying any bag.
Thanks to ARES flap-covered zipper, I can repel any elements from contaminating my body and the hood is stow-able so I can put it off when I need to move faster indoor.
I cannot go anywhere without ARES attached in my body, but sometimes, I need no extra protection and ARES got these SLING system to keep me connected without wearing it.

I will probably not survive this apocalypse without ARES and the right equipment in my disposal.  But I know this shell has it’s limit.

I’ll sign off for now but I’ll keep this log updated in the future. If anyone out there hears this transmission, ring me back.

Designed and Manufactured in SMALL BATCH at Kin Supplies in-house studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

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